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Sept. 25th Fashion Party a Hit!


Sept. 25th fashion party a hit with shoppers! DSC00714 Thank you for coming out ladies, and I'm glad you each found clothing that's just perfect for your curvy self. Special thanks to my dear friend and biggest fan Tasia for her tireless work and graciousness, and to Shawna, my PR ally, as well for her much appreciated multitasking. Come to the October Party for more new arrivals and great deals. And don't forget to spread the word because curvy girls need to know!   DSC00687                   DSC00728

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  • Feedback from one of our customers, Nina Ashe, who attended the Sept 25th fashion party:
    “Stefanie… your clothing party truly was awesome.

    The ambience was just right… your own home, comzy, comfy, perfectly lit… the use of your space was brilliant… a section/station for drinks and snacks… another framed by store-like clothes racks brimming with stylish never-seen colorful garments… a table ladden with jewelry… a room draped in jeans and swimsuits and more gorgeous multicolored tops…

    And the people… I loved being assisted sweetly… no paid minion 10-sized smaller than I telling me I look good… a wide variety of other friendly “patrons” who shared beauty and accessory secrets… I’ve got to get my hands on a butterfly bra! Feeling more than comfortable enough to doff off my clothes, try on a bunch, and take what I wanted home.

    I just love that you have your own niche in this market… that you had a dream and you are actually setting the cogs in motion to make it happen. Best of success…

    I can’t wait for the next monthly party. :-)"


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