To me, magic is witnessing family, friends, volunteers, strangers, partners and customers come together to celebrate their diversity and create a truly wonderful moment. On October 17, 2009, SexyPlus Clothing celebrated its website launch alongside at Maple Leaf House in Etobicoke, Ontario. All guests were greeted by a warm, smiling face, a free champagne ticket and a $5 coupon for SexyPlus Clothing. The room was ambient with candle lighting and good karma. We delivered a fashion show to remember, with our gorgeous models showcasing classic styles, club wear, lingerie and Halloween costumes. From New York, LA and Montreal, our sexy, colourful and funky styles came alive on stage. The voice and energy of our charismatic MC carried the show forward. While the crowd cheered and roared for more, some audience members were moved to tears from the courage the models demonstrated as they rocked the cat walk with a confidence that most of us only aspire to. 393 [800x600]   When it was time for me to take the microphone, I allowed myself a moment to feel the magic in the room. It was as if the clock ticked slower for just a few precious seconds. Honoured to have friends and family present, but also amazed at the force that pulled so many strangers and volunteers together. We were not only celebrating the launch of the SexyPlus Clothing website, but also the wonder of woman, the effectiveness of teamwork and the pursuit of dreams. SexyPlus Clothing and the website would not have been possible without this tremendous network of support. Our website includes a full shopping cart, international shipping with super low shipping costs, shop by shape functionality to help you find the best garments for your body type, a photo gallery of real women just like you, and a blog with lifestyle tips, events and more.  

It is with sincere gratitude that I recognize the special individuals listed below.

(In alphabetical order of last name.) Anna Anastasiou - volunteer and guest, Gisele Augusteijn - my mother, Patrizia Berardini - your amazing MC, Suzanne Birch - friend, David Brown – friend and colleague, Dave Callender - friend and stage show bandit, Melanie Chin - my sister, Dave Cole - owner Maple Leaf House, Tasia Duncan - my dear friend and biggest fan, as well as your greeter, Brenda Hall - my dear friend and colleague and Larry Kelloway (who was there in spirit!), Rachel Hill - my dear friend and colleague, as well as your sales table hostess, Carla Langhorst - friend, mentor and business advisor, Mike Lucas – website brains, Kathryn McCallum Pipes – Curvaceous Consignments, Julian Nurse, JRN Plus Size Photography, Cathy Patania – dear friend and Rose Patania - new friend, Easton Rose - my dear boyfriend, Michelle Seguin – dearest friend, Shawna Thibodeau - my PR partner and runway coach, Joe Kippax – photographer, Wanda White – Curvaceous Consignments, Sabrina - friend, and of course all the customers and guests… Models (in alphabetical order of last name): Sherferene Alleyne - Community Job Developer, Angelina Barrona, Heather Cormier-Lielbardis -, Pilar Crew, Colleen D, Rita Elia -, Joy Kippax, Nadelle L, Juliet Laleye, Lesley Lowe, Julie Nestorovski -, Ro Reid, Jennifer States, Keisha Thomas and Sandra Vides Martinez. Click here for model pics. You are beautiful – thank you! Love, Stefanie Augusteijn - Owner, SexyPlus Clothing


Patrizia Berardini:

I felt that this evening was a demonstration of POSITIVE, CONFIDENT and BEAUTIFUL women showing off these amazing fashions in a fun, sexy and sassy way. I applaud you, STEFANIE, for allowing all of us to be a part of this HUGE celebration.
This is the beginning of a huge step in allowing curvy women to walk proud and confident in fashions that are sure to WOW runways and sidewalks EVERYWHERE!!

Jun 07, 2014


What beautiful pictures!!!! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!!! Your clothes are gorgeous!!! It was an awesome event and the picture of you stef is gorgeous!!!!

Jun 07, 2014

Annemarie Blanchard:

Had a great time at your launch party and so glad I bought those black pants! I have them on right now and love how they fit and make me feel! Keep up the great work Girl!!

Jun 07, 2014


It was a very nice event, glad I was part of it. Very nice sexy women also I must add… Hopefully you’ll have many more similar events in the near future… Congrats on a successfull night!!!

Jah Bless…

Jun 07, 2014

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