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Shopping at the New SexyPlus Clothing Store

Sherri Appleby, from, reviews our new store on grand opening day: As of April 9th, the retail store for SexyPlus Clothing officially opened in downtown Toronto (901 Yonge St.)  The Grand Opening was such a fun afternoon I spent with my girlfriends Liz and Laurie.  Stefanie, owner of SexyPlus Clothing and her super blogger sidekick Nina were gracious hosts.

There were fun fruity drinks, treats to keep our energy up and Jessica Sheppard singing to people on the street and customers in the store.  Check her out, she is a fantastic local talent that will be going places.


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You Won't Believe it's a Boutique for Curvy Girls!

Plus size clothing fashion hacks - Simple ideas for getting the look you want

Plus size clothing fashion hacks - Simple ideas for getting the look you want

We Are 3 Months Yonge & We Are Celebrating!



Rozelle, it’s our pleasure. We started this company because we ourselves were frustrated at not being able to find flirty fashions and sexy lingerie in our sizes. Thank you for the recommendations too; as a small growing business, we need all the referrals we can get. We look forward to serving you soon!

Rozelle Black

OMG..This is the first time checking out your website and I got to say am very happy & impressed been looking for lingerie to fit me for the longest time and now you came into my life :), will differnately recommend your store to friends & family, will be visiting soon.

Again thank you for thinking of the full figured women


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