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Joining Forces for Success

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In February 2010, Rina Rovinelli from Maximum Woman called me in an attempt to save her business. As a pioneer in the plus size industry, having started Toronto's first plus size social club called "Plus Size Planet" and launching Maximum Woman in September 2005, she knew there had to be a strategic way to save the business with limited resources. When I got the call, I was thrilled because SexyPlus Clothing is still a growing business and I didn't have a retail location. The marriage of Rina's exquisite formal wear and my sexy, trendy styles was a wonderful match to...

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Support Your Shape

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By Nina Ashe, SexyPlus Clothing Blogger Ladies... what's with the jiggle?  What’s more, what about those horrid panty lines or worse - egad! - the bright colourful granny panties shining through thin material?  I'm not just pointing at the sexy plus sized ladies, but the slimmies too. Now, don't you dare give me any excuses: “I feel constricted.” “It makes me sweaty.” “I don't really need it.” Uh-huh.  Can you ladies just picture my I’m-not-buying-it look? Shapewear is no longer a dirty word. This is neither our grannies’ girdle nor our Victorian ancestors' corsets. This is modern, breathable, flexible, hold-you-up, tuck-you-in...

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What Fashion Means to Me: A Usurpation for the Rest of Us

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   A More of me to Love Blog Post by Patricia Morgado April 23 2010 Why Wasn’t Fashion For Me? For a long time I thought fashion wasn’t for me. I always loved it, but I just couldn’t relate to the pictures I saw in fashion magazines.  I loved to adorn myself, but at the same time I believed that my body wasn’t fashionable enough. I couldn’t fit into the sizes of the jeans that were available in the coolest stores, and to be honest, that made me suffer for a long time.  However, at some point I realized that...

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Show the World What You're Made Of

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Are you a PLUS SIZE MODEL who wants to SHOW THE WORLD WHAT YOU'RE MADE OF, inside and out? We are looking for an aspiring plus size model who wants to be our EXCLUSIVE, PRESTIGIOUS plus size model BLOGGER on If you are articulate, charismatic, entertaining and well-written, we want to EXPOSE you, your passions, your struggles & victories and day to day life stories about being a woman, being fabulously full figured, being a fashionista, a friend, a lover, and a diva. Pictures (of yourself and related to your stories) will be included for the world to see....

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