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Become Irresistibly Attractive: Let Go of Imperfections

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by Nina Ashe, SexyPlus Clothing Blogger If you want to attract your ideal mate, you have to have an irresistibly attractive self (your magnet) that allows this person to come into your life. How do I rank myself right now on a scale of 1 - 10, with 10 being completely irresistible and 1 being completely unattractive? Until I have ranked myself at a 10, my ideal mate will not appear in my life. Hey wait a minute, some might say. You don't have to be perfect! No, perfection is distinct from irresistible attractiveness yet often can be the deterrent...

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10 Things I Heart about Being Plus Size

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by Nina Ashe, SexyPlus Clothing Blogger There are hundreds upon hundreds of lists about why people hate being plus size, full figured, large or “fat”… here’s some love from one healthy plus size mama to all beautiful round babes out there: 1. My ass… come on ladies… you know what I’m talking about.  The men sure do. 2. I don’t go into a blind panic over a handful of M&M’s.  Don’t people know the green ones are aphrodisiacs? 3. When I sit on a man’s lap and ask “Am I hurting you”, I always get “Oh honeybunch, you’re all soft...

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Being Naked...The Last Frontier?

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By Nina Ashe, SexyPlus Clothing Blogger Oh boy.  Now that’s a touchy subject… for plus size women and petites… for anyone from 18 to 65 (I’d like to think that past that age, I just won’t care anymore!) There are so many kinds of naked too. From the strip-poker naked to the baring-your-soul naked… with buck, ifoc (in front of computer – y’all have been there!), and as-the-day-you-were-born kind of naked in between. Some of us are born as natural nudists or exhibitionists.  Most of us are not. Some of us are born with Sports Illustrated bodies.  Most of us...

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Pretty Woman Series: Babydoll Plus Size Dress in Lime

Apple Shape Hour Glass Shape Pear Shape plus dresses Plus Size Casual Wear Plus Size Clearance Plus Size Dresses plus size fashions plus size women Size 1X or 14/16 Size 2X or 18/20 Size 3X or 22/24 Size 4X or 26/28 Size Extra-Large or 14 women's plus size clothing womens plus size

We are proud to release the highly anticipated Pretty Woman Series for Spring/Summer 2010. You’ll absolutely LOVE these plus dresses and tops. They are a true plus size collection with stunning prints and A-line cuts that are slimming, feminine and provide beautiful movement. Fully stretch, soft to the touch and wrinkle-free. Their generous fit can easily accommodate up to size 4X. For a slightly more fitted look, choose one size down (for example, if you are a size 16 and normally wear a 1X, choose an XL). 92% polyester, 8% spandex. This Babydoll Dress in crease dye lime and leopard has short sleeves, a bosom tie,...

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