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The Next Chapter: a Distinguished New Plus Size Store

Our New Plus Size Store is Extraordinary! We're so excited to share with you that we moved to Mississauga (right off the 403 at Eglinton) with free parking. It’s super accessible from major highways (including the 401, 410 and not far from the 427), and has a beautiful, cozy, distinguished...

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When to Save and When to Splurge!

By Nina Ashe To say that I have been waiting for spring… that we all have… may be the biggest understatement EVER!! To say that I’m waiting for some good sales… may be the second biggest this season! My fashion-spidey senses have been tingling over the myriad of outfits I’ll...

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Why is plus size clothing more expensive?

With the sad news of some plus size clothing stores closing or struggling in Canada and in the US, we thought it pertinent to share our thoughts on the price of plus size clothing since this seems to be a popular concern shoppers often articulate. Here are a few things...

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